Gia Allemand as Ava Gardner

Our friend and the always stunning Model and Bachelor/Bachelor Pad star Gia Allemand is set to play the supporting role of legendary actress Ava Gardner in an upcoming film on the life of actor Gianni Russo. The film will span several decades, with a focus on the 1950s-1970s. Among Russo’s pals were Frank Sinatra, Frank Costello and Carlos Marcello. 

Gianni Russo personally cast Gia Allemand for the film as Ava Gardner, considered one of the most beautiful women of her day, Gardner was known for her high profile marriage to Frank Sinatra. “It’s a small role. Gia looks a lot like Ava, but it’s really the passion that she had that convinced me to cast her,” says Russo, “Forty years ago someone did this for me. They stuck their neck out.” 

Source: Publicist Penelope Jean &

When we heard that Gia was going to be playing Ava in an upcoming role, we sent her a Gardner ring for good luck. Gia sent us these pics of her modeling the ring!! Isn’t she so beautiful?! We can’t WAIT for the film!  follow Gia on twitter @GiaAllemand